Explore the wonders of nature in Vanuatu

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Picture perfect beaches and amazing natural wonders awaits you in the island country of Vanuatu. This is a country that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Vanuatu is composed of about 80 islands, 60 of which are inhabited. It is located in the Pacific Island and covers a total area of 12,189 square kilometers. It could have been a vacation hotspot but its remoteness has hindered casual tourists from visiting the country. Blessed with a tropical climate, it is best visited during the months of May through October when rainfall is practically nil and cyclones are a rare occurrence. The country has about 272,000 inhabitants most of whom rely on the agricultural and fishing industry, although the government is making steps to develop the tourism industry. There are three main airports in the country, namely: Pekoa Airport located in Espiritu Santo Island, Whitegrass Airport located in Tanna Island, and Bauerfield Airport located in Efate where Port Vila, the capital of the country is located too.

Vanuatu is a nature lover’s paradise. You should be thankful that it has not drawn in thousands of tourists so it has not really developed into a tourist destination. Days can be spent visiting uninhabited islands, or just lazing away in a beach. The country’s top attractions include the  Summit Gardens Vanuatu, Iririki Island, Underwater Post Office, Eden on the River, Havannah Beach and Boat Club, Port Vila Markets, Edge Vanuatu, Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole, and Hideaway Island Marine Reserve all located in the island of Efate; Velit Bay, Million Dollar Bay, the SS President Coolidge wreck, Millenium Cave, Matevulu Blue Hole, Mount Hope Waterfall, Port Olry Beach and the Champagne Beach which are located in the island of Espiritu Santo; and the Blue Cave in Tanna Island. You can also hike or trek to a number of extinct volcanoes. If you are physically fit, do not miss out climbing up Mt. Marum where you can see lava and molten rocks being spewed out!  

Excited to visit Vanuatu and enjoy nature’s wonders? Consult your travel agent for more details. 

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