Meet Africa's wildlife on a Safari in Kenya

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After watching Lion King, there will always be the desire to see the plains of East Africa. Come face to face with Kenya's wildlife on a Safari tour.

Kenya’s wildlife—along with its variety of landscapes and rich culture—has long been the country’s major draw for tourists. You can take advantage of wildlife viewing and other recreational activities at the Mount Kenya National Park and Forest Reserve or visit the animal orphanage at the neighboring Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, where rare mountain bongo and white zebras are bred.  You can also take part in walking safaris, bird-watching excursions, horseback riding, and other activities.

You will see elephants, lions, hippos and tall giraffe. There are also massed herds of migrating wildebeest, red-robed tribesmen and flamingo-carpeted lakes. 

Come see this vast land of wildlife. 

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