The trip was fabulous!

By V · Agent Charmaine Cymbala

You are an amazing travel agent - checking in and looking after us so well.  The trip was fabulous.  The place was so well kept and serviced.  We felt totally safe and enjoyed all the wonderful jungle paths and animals on site - not to mention the pool and the beach and the food and…  It was great!  The park next door was amazing.  We swam the underground rivers, through caves with bats and out into the jungle surrounded by the canopy of trees and vines, mangroves… They had everything there: manatees, dolphins, sharks, turtles, wild boars, flamingos, tapir, coati (like raccoons), huge iguanas, birds galore - including so many red macaw parrots, which we saw FLYING! - butterflies, an aquarium… Amazing.  The night show was incredible!  So yes we had a great time. Lots to do, and apart from Liam having to hang out with just his mom for a week, in a place where it would have been way more fun with a friend, it was lovely.  The staff were so friendly and helpful, and someone was always available to answer questions if we had them… We ended up in a really great location on site, in building 21 next to a quiet pool but easily accessible to more action and food when desired:) No troubles travelling either.  Thank you so much for getting us ready and helping us along the way with seating etc.  Hope to plan another trip with you in the future.

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