Cathie Hagenson
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Cathie Hagenson

Group Travel Specialist

Cathie Hagenson is Willy van Kemenade’s wife and partner in the group travel business. Cathie is a retired psychologist who has always had a passion for travel. Cathie shares the administrative work with Willy, organizing the “back office” work from home; and accompanies Willy as co-leader of groups as well as leading groups on her own. From bus tours of the Okanagan to cycling and hiking in Europe, Cathie is having a great time in her new career.

Cathie has many years of experience working with groups of people, in educational and counselling environments; so the transition to tour leader has been a natural one. Cathie began working part with Willy in 2000 in their travel businesses in Calgary. She “retired” from the helping professions in 2013 to join Willy in group travel.

Cathie is a “real Canadian” – she was born and raised in Montreal; and has lived in Dartmouth NS, Toronto, and Calgary before moving to the Comox Valley in 2007. Cathie’s travel passion has taken her to: the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Denmark. She has also visited Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela and several Caribbean Islands. She particularly enjoys cruising and has led groups on Panama Canal, Hawaiian and Reposition cruises.

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