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Susan Davies

Co owner and CTC

My desire for seeing the world started at an early age, having had the opportunity to do lots of travel throughout Canada and Europe with my parents and brothers. After that, it seemed only fitting that I should follow a career in the travel industry.

With the love of travel in my heart and the desire to help others to see the world, I have been most fortunate to have found a job I both love and enjoy. Keeping up with the challenges of our ever-changing industry, I accomplished my Certified Travel Consultant designation in 1987. Have also gone back to College and received my PID (Provincial Instructors Diploma) and continue to upgrade my qualifications through education and seminars offered out to our industry.

My travels have taken me to many parts of the world. Some places I visited have left a lasting impact on my life such as touching the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Horseback ride to Petra, rappelling into the caves at Waitomo NZ, The Great Wall of China and most recently seeing The Big Five in South Africa.

It seems the more I see; the more I want to see……..Let me help you with your wish list.

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