Theresa MacDonald
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Theresa MacDonald

Travel Consultant

My passion for travel began shortly after graduation with a school-sponsored trip to Europe. I was hooked!

I returned to Vancouver and immediately enrolled at BCIT and took their Travel Career Course. I enjoyed many years working in Vancouver with Foreign Independent Tour (FIT) specialists.

My travel career continued when I moved with my husband to settle in the Black Creek area of Vancouver Island

This career has been a lifelong adventure and provided many memorable journeys. Travel journeys, including trips to many popular hot spots as well as exotic locations. Discovering different cultures and ways of life. Personal journeys, include, finding the perfect trip for my customers and the satisfaction of their repeat business.

I have firsthand experience from cruising the Rhine & Danube, kayaking in Australia, zip lining in Belize, discovering the wonderful architecture in Barcelona, exploring the jungles of Costa Rica to bargaining at the bazaars in Penang.

Cruising has now become one of my favourite modes of transportation. I love the "unpack once" easiness! There is a serenity of being at sea with vast horizons plus the variety of different ports to explore. River cruises give you a more up close view of the scenery and a more in-depth visit to villages and cities. I have enjoyed an evening at the opera in Vienna when our Christmas Market River cruise itinerary allowed a special performance.

I believe there is a cruise for everyone from barging in France, sailing in Croatia, river cruises on the Amazon, Quark Expeditions of the Arctic and Antarctica to the ever popular ocean-going cruise lines.

Let me help you to plan your next exciting venture!

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